What is ecovolunteering?

Ecovolunteering is a different way to connect with new cultures, places, ecosystems, plants and animal species through voluntary work paid by the candidate who thus contributes to the sustainability of the chosen institution.

By participating, the ecovolunteer not only contributes their expertise as well as shares new learning, with the possibility of becoming a transmitter, receiver and multiplier of concepts, values, techniques and respect towards life.

At Projeto Mucky, ecovolunteers operate in all activities related to the rescue and treatment of primates, experiencing a life-changing and rewarding experience where both sides are benefited.



Ecovolunteer activities

At Projeto Mucky, the ecovolunteer works closely with the Institution's staff (veterinarians, biologists, handlers, cooks, educators, environmentalists, administrative, etc.) acting in the care of primates and site maintenance through payment for food and lodging costs.












Where we are

Projeto Mucky is located:

- 7 km from the city of Itu (SP);

- 100 km from the city center of São Paulo;

- 1h45 (by car) from Cumbica International Airport, in Guarulhos - SP;

- 30 minutes from Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas - SP.

Projeto Mucky covers a fully wooded area of 20,000 sq m, with average annual temperatures of 25 ° C.


P.S. : Location not accessible to wheelchair users.




The ecovolunteer will stay in comfortable rooms with private bathroom, 2 single beds, shower with gas heater, electricity and closet.  













- All ecovolunteers must undergo a process of approval of their forms dependent on validation of the provided data.

- Be at least 18 years old;

- Knowledge of English, Spanish or Portuguese (desirable)

- Respect and love for animals;

- Be tolerant and accepting of rules;

- Accept teamwork;

- Meet the healthcare requirements.



Stay Periods

Ecovolunteering is possible all year round. The minimum period for participation of Brazilians and Latin Americans is one week, and for foreigners, two weeks, with arrivals and departures only on Saturdays.


One week

Option recommended for Brazilian and Latin American residents. The visitor will spend a week at Projeto Mucky, participating in daily activities planned by the staff of the Institution, and enjoy a field trip included in the package. The ecovolunteer will also have the opportunity to get to know the area and local culture during their free time (visitor liability costs).


Two weeks

The ecovolunteer will spend two weeks at Projeto Mucky, engaging in daily activities, as well as enjoy a field trip included in the package. The visitor will also have the opportunity to visit the local area and experience the local culture in their free time.


Three weeks

The ecovolunteer will spend 17 days working at Projeto Mucky, and upon completion of this period, will spend four days at Recanto Ecológico Vale do Céu ("Valley of Heaven"), in the south of Minas Gerais, where several species of animals can be observed in their natural habitat, as well as the rich ecosystem of the region, including wonderful waterfalls. Transportation to Vale do Céu, lodging and meals are included in the price.


P.S. : In the two and three week packages one day off per week is scheduled.



What you need to bring

- Insect repellent;

- Sun cream;

- Appropriate clothing for rainy weather (raincoat, boots);

- Hat or cap to protect against the sun;

- Light clothes for warm weather (it's necessary to work wearing pants);

- Closed footwear (e.g. sneakers, boots, etc.).



Medical care

- It is recommended to obtain a medical certificate and, if taking any medication, provide the name, active ingredient and the amount that will be in your power (for customs inspection purposes). Medicines for diabetes may require adjustments in a different time zone.

- People with special dietary needs should inform them in advance through the registration form.

- Make a dental revision before arrival at the Project.

- Fill in the last page of the passport stating the name of the person to be notified in case of emergencies. This information should also be included in the registration form.

- For coming into contact with wild animals, proof of vaccination against tetanus, yellow fever, influenza and rabies is required.



Visa and Passport

Foreign ecovolunteers are required to have a valid passport for the period of their stay. Foreign ecovolunteers must also strictly obey the instructions of their visa in the country.



Amount and Payment

Full payment must be made 30 days before arrival at the Project.

The amount in Reais (R$) applies only to Brazilian citizens. The amounts in US dollars apply to foreign nationals.


Brazilian citizens:

One week = R$ 1.000,00

Two weeks = R$ 1.800,00

Three weeks = prices on request (includes four days at Recanto Ecológico Vale do Céu, with transportation, meals and lodging).



Foreign nationals

One week = USD 500

Two weeks = USD 650

Three weeks = prices on request (includes four days at Recanto Ecológico Vale do Céu, with transportation, meals and lodging).



What is included in the price

- Transfer from Viracopos airport (Campinas/SP) to the Project (round trip) - In the event you need transfer from Cumbica International Airport or Congonhas in São Paulo, a rate of USD 80.00 per transfer will be charged.

- Food (four meals/day with vegetarian options). Meals are included only when the ecovolunteer is present at the Institution (the consumption of alcohol in the Institution is not allowed, except during special events and celebrations);

- Accommodation;

- Brochure with various information (rules, laws, hospitals, etc.);

- Bed linen and towel;

- Housekeeping;

- Two working t-shirts;

- Washing of t-shirts used at work;

- Internet access.



What's NOT included in the price

- Flight tickets and / or bus tickets;

- Insurance (health, travel, etc.);

- Transfers and extra tours.



Payment methods









In the event of cancellation, duly communicated until one week before arrival, 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.



Learning and teaching

At the end of the stay the ecovolunteer will report  their experience at the Project, which aims not only to register the acquired knowledge, but also enhance the activities of  Projeto Mucky through participants’ evaluation.



Application form and pre-booking

The completion of the form below will ensure the candidate's pre-booking only. When we receive it, we will contact you and your reservation will be confirmed only upon receipt of the signed printed form and receipt of payment, to be made up  30 days prior to arrival at the Project.

Ecovolunteer interacting with a primate

Ecovolunteers preparing materials for enrichment of enclosures


Room - inside view

Ecovolunteer suite

Bank deposit

(Brazilian banks)



(Projeto Mucky is not open to public. For more information, contact us.)

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