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This is a taste of our daily routine: feed about 220 monkeys with three to five daily meals, protect them from the cold, rain, sun. Make periodic weighing, administer medications. Welcome our godparents who come to visit their godsons, visit partners out for support and, also, receive sudents and volunteers that come for environmental education activities. These are just some of the activities of our daily life, which is very intense, raced, and full of challenges, but extremely rewarding!

Learn a little bit about our routine and get to know who are the monkeys that give life and color to Projeto Mucky.


Projeto Mucky is home to many primates, but each has its own identity and personality, as well as an exciting life story. Meet them!

Our partners

Know the companies that support our work and make possible the realization of our ideals. To them, our profound gratitude.

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