Here are some testimonials from people who are already part of our network of collaborators. If you want to join us, please click here.

"Projeto Mucky relies on people who have a particular fondness for the work they do. It is gratifying to know the Project and realize the huge difference it makes in the lives of all animals assisted. Who cannot donate volunteer time to the Project can help a lot with monthly cash contributions. The suggested value for donation is easy on the wallet, but critical for the survival of the NGO, which is extremely committed to the cause. Being a sponsor is good for the monkeys, and especially for us!"


Thaís Ginícolo – volunteer and godmother of the howler Fiona

"When I first came to Mucky, I thought I was going to help. Today, after almost two years of volunteering, I understand that the more I help, the more I am helped. When I leave, I feel re-energized, happy, full... Animals have, like no one, the ability to pass on so much good that it is impossible not to be charmed by them!"

Ana Paula Barranco - volunteer and godmother of the marmosets Tampinha e Belisco

"I help in various tasks: build nurseries, clean enclosures, take care of the dogs and clean the kennel. It’s so relaxing, you look at their little faces (monkeys) and see innocence, it seems they are asking us to be around them, to do something for them, I have the impression that they are looking at us and thanking us. Volunteering is a mutual exchange, I leave feeling accomplished as it is very gratifying to see the beautifully cared monkeys, always accompanied, so the Project  is very nice because of that. It is very important to see the condition in whichthese monkeys arrived here: mutilated, run over, ill-treated, and see how they are today: happy, playing."

Edimilson Roberto Campanha – volunteer
 "When I found out that Projeto Mucky needed people to assist in the administration, I came to help because I know this is a serious project. Livia has a lot of responsibility and that is a wonderful thing. I also help out because it's so good to work with animals." 
Mara Deise dos Santos Campanha - volunteer
"We got to know  Projeto Mucky 16 years ago, when a marmoset appeared in my sister’s yard. We went to the Project and became godparents of Molenga, a quadriplegic marmoset that captived us with her strong will to live. Today she is a little angel in heaven. Then we adopted others who have already become angels too: many do not live a long life, but during the time they spend at Projeto Mucky they receive much love and learn that not every human being is evil Today, we have the joy of being Castanha’s godparents, a howler monkey that was also rescued as an infant because her mother was killed by a shot. One of her little arms had to be amputated because it was also hit by the bullet. We are delighted to be able to help this project that saves so many lives of  defenseless little animals."
Regina Gazzola Floriano e Darcy Aparecido Floriano - Godparents of howler Castanha

"I'm a journalist, public relations and writer of juvenile and children's books. I have  always been very interested in environmental issues and the solutions to the equation development x environmental protection. One of my children's books, called Topetinho Magnífico (Ed. Melhoramentos, 2012), raises awareness of the issue of illegal wildlife trade with a lot of humor and action. I learned about Projeto Mucky in 2013 at an event sponsored by Tetra Pak and soon fell in love with the primates’ cause. I visited the NGO, in Itu, and became godmother of marmoset Tuquinha and now I work as a volunteer, editing and reviewing the monthly newsletter as well as the Project’s new website , among other actions to disseminate the Intitution’s work. It is a great pleasure to collaborate with a serious institution that does very valuable work on behalf of our wildlife. Not to mention the immense joy of seeing how Tuquinha and the other primates living at Projeto Mucky develop and are so well treated by the dedicated team working at the Project."

Cristina Rappa - volunteer and godmother of marmoset Tuquinha

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