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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


(Margaret Mead)


A book to be part of your library

Supported by Tetra Pak® through the Federal Culture Incentive Law (Lei Rouanet nº 8.313/91) of the Ministry of Culture, and published by Editora Avis Brasilis, the book “Primates in Brazil - Each Monkey on its Branch” is the only one editorial record of the genus in the country, presenting through texts, images and illustrations the paths taken by the different species of monkeys found in our biomes and their relationship with man, in addition to the threats suffered and examples of species conservation. Richly illustrated with hundreds of photos by Lu Panisson, Dri + and other photographers, including a special participation by Fábio Colombini, renowned nature photographer, the book also features illustrations by Tomas Sigrist. The exciting stories and information on the subject stimulate the senses and lead the reader on a delicious journey, being an excellent option to give yourself and the people you love.

Fact Sheet

Title: Primates in Brazil

Publisher: Avis Brasilis

Authors: Cristina Rappa, Heloisa Bruhns and Lívia Botár

Pages: 240

Format: 27 x 23 cm closed / hardcover

Language: Portuguese / English

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