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Fact Sheet


Title: Primates in Brazil

Publisher: Avis Brasilis

Authors: Cristina Rappa, Heloisa Bruhns and Lívia Botár

Pages: 240

Format: 27 x 23 cm closed / hardcover

Language: Portuguese / English


A book to be part of your library


In 2015, Projeto Mucky completed 30 years of existence and celebrated the anniversary with the publication of the book Primates in Brazil. Backed by Tetra Pak® by means of the Federal Law of Cultural Incentive (Rouanet Law No. 8,313 / 91) of the Ministry of Culture, and published by Editora Avis Brasilis, the book is the only editorial record of its kind in the country, depicting through texts, images and illustrations the paths followed by different species of monkeys in the Brazilian biomes, the main threats, species conservation examples and the interdependence between man and nature. Exciting stories and facts stimulate the senses and take the reader on a delightful journey through the world of primates.


Throughout the 1st half of the year an intense writing work of the chapters, capture of photographic images, illustrations design, data search and selection of images and information about the history of the Institution were carried out, involving about 45 people among photographers , authors, illustrators, proofreaders, editors, marketers, etc.


The book was released on November 24, 2014, at Livraria Cultura Shopping Iguatemi (São Paulo/SP), when an auction of paintings with images from the book was also conducted. The resulting proceeds were donated to the Institution. Later, other events and autograph sessions took place in several venues lent to us as a courtesy of partners. Part of the initial print run was donated to public schools and libraries, and the remainder of the copies was sold to the general public by both the publisher Avis Brasilis and the Institution.

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